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When you are miles from civilisation, a portable power supply is a must for camping in the outback

Dobinsons light weight, highly efficient Solar Panels are the best choice for any weekend, or long haul adventure.

Regulated Voltage & Amperage


Each solar panel kit includes an Maximum Power-Point Tracking (MPPT) solar-charger regulator that regulates the solar panel output voltage to suit the 12 volt battery system. This MPPT charger-regulator is no ordinary solar regulator - instead of regulating the solar panels output voltage to a fixed voltage, the MPPT charger-regulator varies the voltage output to suit the battery voltage level.

Maximum Charge


Using a regulator means rather than inputting a fixed voltage and amperage amount, the voltage and amperage is regulated and the voltage increased as the battery voltage increases to ensure that at all times the battery is receiving the maximum amount of charge amperage to charge the battery as fast as possible.

Solar Panel Features


  • Lightweight at Only 4Kgs

  • Fits Easily Behind/Under Most 4x4 Seats

  • Highly Efficient Mono-Crystalline Solar Cells

  • Heavy Duty PVC Canvas Fabric

  • Heavy Duty Battery Clamps

  • Reverse Polarity Protection

  • Output Short Circuit Protection

  • Intelligent Battery Management - Up to 98% Charge Efficiency

  • 12/24 Volt Auto-Detection

  • Trickle, Float and MPPT Charge Modes

  • Ultra Compact, Practical Design


  • 3 x Brace Poles

  • MPPT Solar Charger Regulator

  • Foldable Solar Panel

80 Watt Solar Panel

Folded Dimensions: 43 cm x 30 cm x 5 cm

$ 720.00
We ship to AustraliaWith shipment In-store Pickup for $ 0.00

130 Watt Solar Panel

Folded Dimensions: 54 cm x 32 cm x 5 cm

$ 872.00
We ship to AustraliaWith shipment In-store Pickup for $ 0.00




Manage your 12 Volt Power Systems with ease!